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The mission of CPConnect is to create opportunities for donors, faculty and students to collaborate on interdisciplinary educational projects by facilitating access to: potential projects, resources, relevant information, connections with corporate partners, and the interdisciplinary community of Cal Poly. Our commitment to innovative learn by doing methodologies serves as a foundation for launching industry sponsored projects. These projects provide a relevant contextual environment for putting into practice the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
MESFAC (Mechanical Engineering Student Fee Allocation Committee)
A organization dedicated to improving the quality of education for Mechanical Engineering students at Cal Poly by allocating 100% of the student fees for instructional related activities.
More than 2,573,350 product designers and engineers worldwide, representing 204,500 organizations, use SOLIDWORKS to bring their designs to life–from the coolest gadgets to innovations that deliver a better tomorrow --taken from the SOLIDWORKS website


Bay Area Circuits sponsors both our Autnomous Golf Cart team and our Underwater robotics team. They supply high quality quick turnaround PCBs for several of our student projects, allowing robust integration of student designed circuits in many different applications.