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Welcome to the Cal Poly Robotics Club website. The Robotics Club is a project based multidisciplinary club focused on anything involving robotics. Feel free to stop by the club room in building 197 room 102 at any time if you have any questions or want to join.


The robotics club at Cal Poly sponsors multiple projects. Any student can propose a project and get funding from the robotics club. For more information about the current projects, look at the Projects page, come to our general meetings, or visit the club room at any time.

Bot Shop

BotShop is a hands-on robotics workshop held over multiple Saturdays by the Robotics Club. Join us and learn about every aspect of robotics: from mechanical design/building to electrical and software engineering! You'll learn to assemble a robot, solder, wire various parts to a microcontroller, and eventually program your own bot for a final competition! If you have no prior experience, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun and learn to love robotics. We have plenty of friendly, helpful members that will happily help you along the way! Even if you are already interested/have experience, it's still worth checking out. You can meet other people interested in robotics and possibly learn something new!

Joining the Club

The best way to join the club is to stop by the club room at anytime. There are usually multiple club members in the room who can show you around.

There is a one time fee of $35 to join the robotics club. This covers pizza at all meetings and build days throughout the entire year as well as a t-shirt. This fee helps to fund the various projects and covers equipment and supplies for the robotics clubroom.

Build Days

Build days occur every Saturday during the school year. This is the time when most of the progress on a project is made. Depending on the project, build days start at around 11 am and finish around 3 pm. The specific time depends on the project and many members come and go throughout the day.

The Mailing List

If you would like to get updates on Robotics Club events, join the google group here.

Club Links

This page contains important links for robotics club members.