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We are the BB-8 team and we're working on building this life sized droid for open house. We are comprised of about 15 students at Cal Poly coming from various engineering studies.

BB8 Sphere
Our robot being closed up for the first time.

Current Status

The BB-8 was put together this weekend and began to roll around. We are now working on integrating all the mechanical parts and improving the movement and controls.

Electronics and Software: We are running our BB-8 on two Arduino Mega boards. One Mega has a bluetooth shield to communicate with our PS3 controller, and the other Arduino Mega receives serial data from the first Arduino and controls the motor shield, servos, and shaft motor. All of our electronics are powered from two LiPo batteries in parallel to a power distribution board

Mechanical and Materials: Our Sphere is made of Polycarbonate to give it more structural integrity compared to Acrylic. The chassis is currently made from wood but in the end will be made from extruded aluminum.

Future Plans

- Put together the 3d prints of the head

- Replace wood chassis with extruded aluminum

- Install an inductive charger

- Paint


EEs hard at work
Working on the power and controls.

We are looking for any students who would be interested in working with us! There are technical roles for students in the fields of ME, CPE, CS, SE, EE, IME to work on machining, circuitry, coding, and prototyping. But we have tasks that any major can do and gain experience. Stop by the robotics lab any Saturday at 10 AM-2PM to see how you can get involved! No previous experience is required, LEARN BY DOING!

If you want further information please contact Matthew or Mytch

Matthew Ng:,


Mytch Johnson:,


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Written by Matthew Ng